I like for a photo shoot to be engaging, creative, open minded, and it absolutely has to be fun. There can’t be any stress and collaborating between the model and the photographer is absolutely critical to the outcome of the session.
meI am a very easy going person so if you have an idea to try, that’s all the better. If I have anything to add as well during the shoot I will make a suggestion. I’m willing to try anything that will enhance a picture. If you would like to schedule a shoot with me, I shoot both on location and in my studio. You can’t beat my prices and I will help your portfolio and at the same time. If you want to take the plunge, please provide me with these specifics when you schedule your shoot.




Just use the Schedule a Shoot link at the bottom of this page and provide me with the following information:

– Dates & times you would like to do your photo session
– What setting you are looking for IE: background, location/studio, etc,
– The type of shoot IE: glamor, fashion, swimwear, artistic, implied, etc.
– How many wardrobes do you want to do the shoot in.

I offer a complete range of high standard photographic imaging services for both external location and studio shoots. My facility includes a fully equipped photographic studio set up and up-to-date technical laboratory supplemented by a post-processing work station that allows us to produce brilliant photographs in all formats, color or black and white, as well as digital output and image manipulation in some cases while you wait. My photo sessions are very affordable starting at just $25.00.

Thanks you for considering Wayne Fusco Photography.